Primarily, we are employed to deal with the collection of overdue accounts on behalf of our clients.

The major contributory factor to our success is the establishment of telephone contact, which is supported via email by our trained and experienced collection staff. This action taken without delay not only maintains goodwill but also enables a firm and amicable settlement to be arranged.

Our collection activities are not solely confined to the United Kingdom, but on a worldwide basis due to our array of multilingual speakers.

We operate on a No Collection- No Fee arrangement being purely based on results with no monthly subscription or hidden charges.

Whilst we undertake work on behalf of numerous blue-chip and multi-national companies, and deal with all the nuances that are present with such organisations, conversely, we also provide a selection of services for smaller companies. This can sometimes entail the implementation of credit collection procedures within their accounting systems and provision of training to make our clients more effective. Alternatively, we carry out and undertake the outsourcing of the credit control function for our clients, providing them with a consistent and reliable cash flow solution.

In the unusual scenario of not getting paid through our negotiation, we have at our disposal several firms of solicitors to utilise within the United Kingdom depending on jurisdiction of a claim, plus a considerable network of foreign lawyers for overseas actions.

Should you wish to ascertain more or have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.